Unlocking the Hidden Gems of Wellington Aero Club

Unlocking the Hidden Gems of Wellington Aero Club

  • Kirsten Kopp
  • 05/2/24

In the heart of Wellington, Florida, a unique real estate opportunity exists for those passionate about aviation and luxury living. At Kirsten Kopp Real Estate, we specialize in matching discerning buyers with exceptional off market properties, including the sought-after hangar homes of Wellington's private air park community, Wellington Aero Club. The following story exemplifies our dedication to providing tailored, off-market real estate solutions in one of Wellington's most prestigious communities...

Recently, a long-time friend and client approached me with a special request. He wanted to sell his aviation hangar home in Wellington Aero Club but preferred not to list it on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). His primary concern was to avoid the buyer’s commission, a cost that can be significant. This is becoming more feasible due to upcoming changes in National Association of Realtors (NAR) buyer broker's commission rulings, which may reduce sellers' inclinations to pay these fees.

Accepting the challenge, we leveraged our Brokerage's extensive network of qualified buyers—developed over years of dedicated service in Wellington's real estate market. The first task was establishing a fair market price that would attract serious buyers without the need for intense negotiation-another request from the seller. After thorough research and comparison with recently sold properties in Wellington Aero Club, we set an ambitious asking price of $3.1 million, recognizing the unique value of the property’s size, proximity to the runway, and its potential despite needing some interior updates.

To showcase this exclusive property, we engaged talented photographers and used our video editing skills to create compelling visual content, for our YouTube channel, focusing on storytelling to captivate potential buyers. Our marketing approach—targeting our niche clientele in aviation and equestrian real estate—immediately piqued the interest of several buyers. Soon, a perfect match was found: a couple, with whom we had been working for some while, who were eager to relocate their family and their planes to their new home. The swift but successful negotiation to the agreed asking price expedited what can sometimes be a lengthy and stressful process, triggering our incredible transaction team to work on a short close and allowing the buyers to move in sooner than anticipated. We interviewed the Seller, Bruce about his experience...

The successful sale of this Aero Club hangar home underscores the effectiveness of personalized, off-market strategies in achieving optimal outcomes without the MLS, if necessary. This transaction not only met my client's needs but also deepened our relationship, turning a professional engagement into a lasting friendship. Gratefully, he shared his positive experience through a video testimonial, expressing his satisfaction and trust, which stands as a testament to the quality and dedication at Kirsten Kopp Real Estate.

At Kirsten Kopp Real Estate, we pride ourselves on being the top brokerage in Wellington, FL because we are the choice for sellers and buyers looking for a local, boutique agency which puts trusted relationships first.  We help our clients buy and sell real estate how they want to handle it and we deliver exceptional results because of this. Whether you are buying or selling, our team is committed to guiding you through every step of the process with expertise and care. For those interested in Wellington Aero Club or any other exclusive listings in Wellington, consider us your best and top agent for personalized real estate solutions.

Explore the Possibilities with Us For more information on hangar homes for sale or other unique properties in Wellington, contact Kirsten Kopp Real Estate. Let us help you find your dream home or market your property with the finesse and expertise it deserves.

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