Digital Staging: More Than Just Sales

Digital Staging: More Than Just Sales

  • Kirsten Kopp
  • 05/7/23

Digital staging is being used more frequently. But what is it exactly and how can it help you? 

Selling Your home

When you’re selling your home, there are many factors involved. Maybe you’re selling your parents’ home after they moved into a care facility. Maybe your personal style is unique and you’re concerned that it could be a barrier for the average buyer. Maybe your home is empty or maybe the kids’ toys and play areas are simply too distracting.
There are a myriad of reasons you might want to use digital staging to help sell your home. 
This is an example of how digital staging can be used to help buyers envision what a vacant home could look like fully designed. 

The Fixer-Upper

When looking for a new home, it’s often advantageous to purchase a home that needs renovations. But how can you see past that pink carpet in the living room and all that blue tile in the kitchen? Digital staging! Already purchased your fixer-upper and don’t know where to start? Digital staging!
We can help you see what your home could look like fully renovated with the cost-effective solution of digital staging. Through digital staging, we can give you an example of renovated spaces to help you with your property search. Before engaging contractors or going down that long and expensive path, we can get you digitally renovated photos within a couple of days.

Renovating Your Home

It’s a daunting task. And it’s hard to see what paint, flooring, and fixture options might look like. Using your contractor’s design services can be costly and time-consuming. We can show you how your space would look with all the options so that when it’s time to start your renovation, you have a clear plan and are confident in the results before the work starts.

Watch our most recent project:

Whether you’re a real estate professional, seller, or buyer, we can help with your digital staging needs. Contact us to learn more. 

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